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Film Equipment

Jarinn'e Ishmel

CEO, Creative Director

As a graduate of the University of Michigan - Ann Arbor with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interarts Performance, I have led a 13-year career in on-stage, off-stage, and back-stage production.


Since working under the leadership of Mr. K. Jamale Ishmel (founder), my passion has grown for harnessing the power of creativity to produce unforgettable experiences.


Now, earning the torch to guide Right Now Media to greater heights, my gregarious personality, attention to detail, ingenuity, and a broad network of resources deems me worthy of such an honor.


So, it is my goal to enrich the value in Right Now Media and show clients how we were founded out of love and respect for the arts.



RIGHT NOW MEDIA, LLC. has over 30 years of experience within quality tech, content creation, editing, and advertisement services. Your investment into RIGHT NOW MEDIA, LLC. lets us know that you don’t want to settle for a virtual event recording when you could broadcast a cutting-edge digital experience. It is also pleasing to know that you want to enhance your viewers’ encounters by engraving an interactive experience into their memories.


Here at RNM, your vision is priority! 

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